The Boy from the Woods


Hester stands alone!Myron should be proud!!

If you are familiar with Coben’s Myron Bolitar series, you will know Hester’s name, know what kind of a –take no prisoners–spitfire she is. Was great to have her as the lead character in the story line, getting to see the character fleshed out in a broader scope, not limited to playing second fiddle to Myron and crew.

Standing alone, she is bigger than life, think Judge Judy mixed with some Linda Hunt as Hetty!

The new character being built in Wilde, is amazing.

(The last name…WIlde… made me chuckle, I mean…get it? No? You will.)

You look at the blurb and think

“Wait, what? A young boy in the woods, alone, surviving? No, com’on…gimme break, that’s just stupid!!!”

But once you start listening, that thought process is going to vanish!

You’ll be captivated by Wilde, his back story and how (and why)he interacts with people overall.

He and Hester mesh in a way that is unique and intriguing. Together they are a force to be reckoned with! Look forward to seeing this dynamic duo play out in future story lines and watching Coben flesh out the character of Wilde.

As with all Coben’s story lines, where you start and where you end up not even close to the same zip code! It’s 100% quirky Coben —at top speed, with lots of hairpin turns and drops– rollercoaster ride.

I must admit the last three Coben books have left me underwhelmed. I wasn’t putting a lot of faith in this being something that would grab me right out of the chute, but it did. I binged the listen, lost sleep doing it, I’ll pay for later today, but it was worth it!!

So, I sing all these praises but only rate the story four stars. It would have been five stars but took one off cuz like so many authors now days, they all seem to feel the need to get some social justice warrior stuff in, give us a dose of their partisan political bent under the guise of story line.

If I wanted politics pounding into my brain….I wouldn’t have shut off the T.V. to plug into an Audible book to get lost in. It wasn’t so much it ruined the listen for me, but it was annoying enough to downgrade what would have been five stars to four.

As always, Steven Weber nails the narration.

This one needs to make it to the screen!!

Hopefully it will find it’s way to NetFlix as other Coben stories have!!


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