Techniques Classroom Management 2: Ultimate Complete Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching


Are you a new teacher and want to ensure you have control while you are in the classroom? Have you been in teaching for many years and need to reassess your classroom management? This audiobook will help you do that!

For any new teacher and for many older ones too, effective management of your classroom must surely be the thing that you aspire to. When you are able to do efficiently the rest of teaching becomes much easier, you have happier pupils and create less stress for yourself.

Now, with this great book, Techniques Classroom Management 2.0: Ultimate Complete Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Great Teaching, you can learn these methods for yourself and take your teaching to a higher level, through chapters on:

  • How to give effective commands and warnings
  • Dealing with flare-ups and tantrums
  • Ways to construct a behavioural contract with students
  • The importance of developing a structured and effective homework routine
  • Time management
  • Exchanging control for influence
  • How to reduce friction
  • And much more…

A classroom environment can be a challenging and difficult place to be at times but with a considered approach to it and a willingness to adapt to different scenarios, you will find that most of them can be overcome.

This audiobook is the perfect place for any teacher to start to understand the complexities of classroom management and can be listed to anywhere and whenever you need some motivation and encouragement to carry on.

Buy now to begin your journey and to take your teaching to a higher level today!


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