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4 Stars

Ooh, RED QUEEN, where do I start? I really, REALLY enjoy it, a lot. But I did have my ups and downs with it though. At first I was a little let down by the feel and strong sense that I’ve already read it before in another book. It wasn’t jaw dropping original, or earth shattering amazing or something to drool over in longing, but it had it’s own balance of power and fire that I really enjoyed.

I guess one of the main let downs about RED QUEEN was that I had my expectations too high for it, even after the mixed reviews started rolling in. It seemed like people either absolutely loved, or really disliked it for their own reasons. But I fall somewhere in the middle with a 4 star rating. The beginning was slower paced then I would of liked, and ended with too many unanswered questions that I just need to know. And the mildly entangled love triangle type thing Victoria had going was not my favorite either. But after getting over all them minor details, I was able to become engrossed in the story and ride in the dystopian wave and get lost in a world of magic and murder…

But what I really loved was the last quarter or so of this book. It picked up it’s pace and sped through the pages at alarming rate. With it’s thickened plot and revealed secrets, RED QUEEN was devastatingly wonderful to watch, as it unfolded into a disarray of deception and betrayals that shattered an explosive web of blood and murder, as it painted the way for the evil power that ruled this blood defined world, and brought it to it’s knees.


Mare Barrow is a Red, the lowest in their blood define world, where Silvers thrive and prosper by ruling with an iron-fist over the low class Reds that serve them, or die fighting for an unbeatable cause. But Mare is the lowest of her kind, even amongst her Red citizens.

As a thief in the shadows, dipping in her fellow Reds pockets, blending into her surroundings, taking what others have worked hard for, Mare is determined to at least provide something to her large families income, even if she has to steal for it. Until one day she dips into the wrong Reds pocket and is reveal as a thief for her first time. Only later she realizes he wasn’t really a Red who caught her, no, he was a Silver, and a very powerful one at that, and he’s just changed her world forever…

Called upon as a servant after her encounter with the Silver boy that bestowed her a kindness she’s never received from a Silver, she’s offered a job within the palace walls and is finally able to legally provide some type of income to her needing family. She accepts even with the uncertainty of why the Silver boy has shown such kindness to a Red, but is thrilled nevertheless. Until a power deep within she never knew existed, rages to the surface and explodes out to reveal itself to the whole arena court, and the frightening truth of a Red servant with undeniable powers is reveal for the first time in history. But that’s not possible, she’s Red, and only Silvers have powers. But the truth is burning inside of her, just revealed for all to see. What first turned into an eager job opportunity, has now turned into her eternal prison.

Swept into an intrigue court life as a Silver in disguise, shielding her true blood identity from all Silvers except the Royal family, Mare is forced to become betrothed to the second Prince Maven, and mascaraed as the dead war Generals lost daughter, and given a title and prestige at court as nobility. Masked in makeup and showered with hate, Mare yearns to be free of the invisible restraints she’s been forsaken too. But with no other options in keeping her family safe, she plays their game of charades. But when devastating news shocks her back to reality, she knows it’s time to stopping hiding within the shadows and time to rise up and take a stand against the Silvers. Bounding together with her fellow Reds, Mare and the Scarlet Guard join forces to take back what once was theirs…FREEDOM… And now with the power pulsing through her, she has the strength and determination to take the stand and demand change…

Magic and power, danger and betrayals, jealousy and deception, murder and blood, all invade Mare’s world when she enters the powerful world of Court life, and is taught the true meaning of pure evil. Caught between two prince’s and the uncertainty of where their loyalties lie, with the pulsing desire to be free, and a rebellion brewing from the shadows, Mare will be tested and have to decide just where and who her true loyalties lie, and just how far she’s willing to go for her cause, and if she is willing to lay it all on the line for it.

Overall, the RED QUEEN was a fantastic debut that I absolutely loved to pieces, even with it’s flaws. I was a little skeptical after starting it, but slowly got into the faster pace as it picked up towards the middle. I wasn’t a big fan of the love triangle either, but was still intrigued enough to have me routing for one of the princes. I did like the twist at the end, even though it was obvious and I totally seen it coming. But besides that, I loved everything else. I really got into RED QUEEN about halfway through, and liked the route it took and the twist that came, even if some of them were predictable. But nevertheless, RED QUEEN is a fantastic debut that is not to be missed for any dystopian/fantasy fan out there, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!!!

NOTE: I received a physical ARC from Harper Teen for reviewing purposes! All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way!


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