Polyvagal Therapy and Vagus Nerve


Are you struggling with chronic illness, PTSD, and depression? Are you chronically fighting with illnesses like anxiety, inflammation, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue?

If so, you’ve found the right audiobook.

Learning about the polyvagal theory is learning about the science of security, the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life, and take the risk of living.

The polyvagal theory provides a physiological and psychological understanding of how and why patients move through a continuous cycle of mobilization, disconnection, and commitment. Through the lens of the polyvagal theory, we see the role of the autonomic nervous system as it shapes patient safety experiences and influences their ability to connect.

The autonomic nervous system does not respond to the challenges of everyday life by telling us what we are or who we are, but by telling us how we are. This system manages the risk and creates connection patterns by changing our physiological state. These changes can be slight for many people, and, at times, when there are significant changes of state, their system is resilient enough to help them return to a regulated state. Trauma disrupts the process of building the autonomous circuit of secure connection and diverts the development of regulation and resilience.

Patients with a traumatic history often experience more intense and extreme autonomic responses, which affects their ability to regulate and feel safe in relationships.

This audiobook helps everybody to incorporate polyvagal theory into daily life. It provides a comprehensive approach to the intervention by presenting ways to map the autonomous response and configure the autonomic nervous system for safety.

With this audiobook, the polyvagal theory is at your disposal, and empirical records and exercises either.

In this audiobook, you will find:

  • The Benefits of Vagus Nerve
  • How to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve to Relieve Stress
  • How to Improve the Functioning of Your Body
  • How to Daily Activate Your Vagus Nerve
  • Several Vagus Exercises
  • Anxiety: Exercises to Relieve the Pain

The audiobook puts a lot of emphasis on friendship with the nervous system, presents the science of connection, and provides an essential fluency in the language of polyvagal theory. These sections set out the crucial elements of the method, build a solid knowledge base, and set the stage for working with the clinical applications presented in the rest of the audiobook.

With this audiobook, you will learn how to stimulate your Vagus Nerve with practical self-help exercises. You will overcome anxiety, chronic illness, depression, PTSD, inflammation, and more with remedies that are already present in your body.

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