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Lose weight fast without counting calories, starving or damaging your metabolism – here’s how! 

How many weight loss diets have you tried in your life? 

If you’re like most of us, you’ve already tried a few. You may have avoided every gram of fat. You may have tried complicated calorie tracking systems. You may have tried meal replacement shakes. 

But you’re still unhappy with your weight. 

It’s not your fault. In fact, 95 percent of dieting attempts fail. 

But what about the other 5 percent? Why do they succeed? 

In fact, there’s a not-so-secret metabolic switch that puts your body in fatburning mode. 

You can activate it by following a certain dietary strategy that was described by doctors as far back as a century ago. It’s known as the ketogenic diet, and it has many other uses apart from weight loss (in fact, it was originally used to improve mental health!) 

The vegan keto diet is even better than the traditional keto diet. It combines the unique health benefits of plant-based nutrition with the fat-burning power of ketosis. 

Now you can finally lose that weight while reducing inflammation, boosting your heart health, and protecting yourself from stroke and diabetes. 

These three vegan keto cookbooks will help you do it. 

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • How to activate your body’s fat-burning mode 
  • The best vegan alternatives to typical keto foods 
  • How to support your body with carefully chosen supplements 
  • Dozens of keto-friendly recipes for every occasion 
  • And much more! 

The vegan keto diet might seem restrictive when you first read about it. However, a quick look into the inspiring recipe sections of these books will completely change your first impression. Your weight loss journey has never tasted so good!

Finally, here’s a diet that works.


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