Keto Diet Cookbook


This box set includes:

  • Book 1: Keto Bread: The pleasure of making low-carb bread. A cookbook with many simple and cheap homemade recipes like keto cookies, pizza, and toast that are also gluten-free.
  • Book 2: Keto for Foodies: The original cookbook with low-carb recipes for weight loss. For food lovers, featuring many keto desserts and snacks ideas, tasty homemade pasta, and tips for quick and easy keto meal prep.

Bread, pizza, pasta are often the cause of giving up on any kind of diet. It is impossible to make do without satisfying those irresistible cravings for carbohydrates and their sense of satiety. Anyone can confirm that the most difficult part of a diet is giving them up, so who does not know you love them? But if you really think you have to eliminate them completely during your ketogenic diet, change your mind!

This audiobook includes simple and quick recipes for making ketogenic bread and other delicious foods but always maintaining the same tastes. After you have tested these recipes, you can finally enjoy all your delicious meals without sacrifices or guilt.

In our audiobook, we will guide you in creating tasty low-carbohydrate recipes such as:

  • Different types of bread
  • Buns
  • Stuffed
  • Pizza
  • Toast
  • Pasta
  • Muffin
  • Cookies

If you have never cooked anything in your life, it is not a problem, as you will find recipes explained in detail and that are easy to prepare, suitable for beginners, and ideal for any occasion, with high nutritional values and percentage of macronutrients.

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