Forbidden Love: The Reckoning + Seasons of Love


Forbidden Love includes two romances: The Reckoning and Seasons of Love.

The Reckoning

Candace’s life is going exactly how she had planned – a successful career, a handsome and doting husband, and a wonderful bond with her long-time friend Laythan that lasted through the years. However, despite Candace’s determination and drive, she is still human and is not immune to temptation or blunder. When a mistake leads to a complication that turns her whole world upside down, can Candance weather the storm? Or will her treasured relationship with Laythan implode?

Seasons of Love

Can something as simple and base as raw physical attraction lead to something more? Julianna and Elijah’s compatibility is extraordinary, and it draws them ever closer until the dam breaks one fateful day…when they least expect it. The result of their tryst is unexpected and it binds them together over the seasons, but will they weather the changes and bridge the gap between them to cross over into love?


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