What You Get for Your Money ?

Any audible books with a good price and many offer every week. Before you place any order, please view this video:

Refund policy

No refund. So you need to read description very carefully. Feel free to contact me so if you have any question, ask me first.

How long will it take for you to receive an audible book ?

Please allow 30 mins – 1 business days for the process depending on what time you place order.

Refer a Friend

Am I eligible to refer a friend?

Yes! Just send the referral link to your friends so they can buy with us. You can refer a maximum of 10 friends and earn 5% per your friend completed the order.

You can refer anyone – even if they’ve bought with us before! For your referred friend’s buying to be eligible for the reward, they have to use the referral link to buy their audible books. If a friend makes more than one order using your referral link, you will rewarded 5% of all your friend orders.

How do I claim my reward and how this work?

Please read this article to know how to use refer program bellow:

Referral Program