Amazon offering three months of Audible Premium plan for free during Prime Day



Amazon is offering free access to Audible Premium for three months as part of its Prime Day sales offer. This makes for a great offer considering that Audible happens to be one of the best apps for listening to audiobooks or podcasts. It normally costs $15 a month, which means there is $45 to save from this offer. Plus, other perks include access to unlimited audiobooks and podcasts. There are Amazon Originals and podcasts that are updated every week, which means lots of new content to keep you engaged all through.

As Premium Plus members, you are also entitled to credits where one credit will let you to purchase one title. There is also going to be a 30 percent discount to avail of on all additional premium content that you chose to buy. Then there are exclusive sales that too will be accessible to you with the free Premium Plus plan. All of this makes it a nice offer to opt for if you are addicted to audiobooks.

Even if you are new to audiobooks or have been planning to try one, this offer makes a lot of sense as this provides a wonderful opportunity to get started. As it is, audiobooks have already been the hottest segment that has recorded double-digit growth for more than a decade now. So, if you wish to hop onto the audiobook bandwagon, the free Audible Premium plan could be just what you might have needed to get started.

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