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From #1 bestselling author Lisa Scottoline comes a pulse-pounding new novel.

Your family has been attacked, never again to be the same.
Now you have to choose between law…and justice.     

Jason Bennett is a suburban dad who owns a court-reporting business, but one night, his life takes a horrific turn. He is driving his family home after his daughter’s field hockey game when a pickup truck begins tailgating them, on a dark stretch of road. Suddenly two men jump from the pickup and pull guns on Jason, demanding the car. A horrific flash of violence changes his life forever. 

Later that awful night, Jason and his family receive a visit from the FBI. The agents tell them that the carjackers were members of a dangerous drug-trafficking organization—and now Jason and his family are in their crosshairs.

The agents advise the Bennetts to enter the witness protection program right away, and they have no choice but to agree. But WITSEC was designed to protect criminal informants, not law-abiding families. Taken from all they know, trapped in an unfamiliar life, the Bennetts begin to fall apart at the seams. Then Jason learns a shocking truth and realizes that he has to take matters into his own hands.

Sometimes justice is a one-man show.

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What Happened to the Bennetts

What Happened to the Bennetts


The Bennett family, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett and their five daughters, is a well-known fictional family portrayed in Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice.” The novel revolves around the lives and romantic pursuits of the Bennett sisters, and their eventual marriages. However, what happened to the Bennett family after the novel ended? Did they live happily ever after? Let’s find out.

The Fate of Mr. Bennett

After witnessing the successful marriages of his daughters, Mr. Bennett finally let go of his sarcastic and indifferent nature. He realized the importance of love and support in a family and decided to become more involved in the lives of his wife and daughters. Mr. Bennett became a loving and caring husband, endeavoring to make up for his previous lack of involvement. He also enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren and was a doting grandfather.

Mrs. Bennett’s Life After the Novel

Mrs. Bennett, known for her obsession with marrying her daughters off to wealthy men, found contentment after their marriages. She was relieved of the burden of worrying about her daughters’ future, and with the financial security brought by their husbands, Mrs. Bennett could finally relax. She used her experience to help others in a similar situation, offering advice to young mothers and hosting tea parties where she shared her wisdom. Mrs. Bennett became a respected member of her community and was known for her generosity and kindness.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s marriage flourished in the years following the novel’s end. They fostered a strong partnership based on trust, mutual respect, and love. Elizabeth’s wit and intelligence kept their marriage exciting, while Mr. Darcy provided stability and support. They were blessed with two children, a son and a daughter, who grew up surrounded by love and affection. Elizabeth continued pursuing her passion for literature and writing, while Mr. Darcy managed the Pemberley estate and handled his responsibilities as a landowner.

Jane and Mr. Bingley

Jane and Mr. Bingley’s blissful marriage continued, enduring the test of time. They settled in Mr. Bingley’s inherited estate and had a large family, consisting of three sons and two daughters. Jane remained the epitome of kindness and grace, ensuring a warm and nurturing environment for their children. Mr. Bingley managed the estate successfully and engaged in philanthropic activities, providing assistance to those in need within their community.

Lydia and Mr. Wickham

Lydia’s impulsive behavior and imprudent choices caused some initial difficulties for her marriage to Mr. Wickham. However, with time, she matured and developed a stronger sense of responsibility. Mr. Wickham, who had also undergone a transformation, became a devoted and faithful husband. They faced challenges together and eventually reconciled their differences. The couple had two children and lived a comfortable life, albeit with occasional financial constraints. Their marriage, though turbulent at first, became a testament to the power of commitment and forgiveness.

Kitty and Mary

Kitty, once easily influenced by Lydia, grew under the positive influence of her older sister’s transformation. She discovered her love for music and pursued it with dedication. Kitty became an accomplished pianist and vocalist and gained recognition in social circles for her talent. She never married but found fulfillment in her musical pursuits and being a supportive aunt to her nieces and nephews.

Mary, the most serious and intellectual of the Bennett sisters, remained dedicated to her studies and pursuit of knowledge. She published several philosophical essays and became a respected figure in academia. Mary traveled extensively, attending and presenting at conferences and seminars. Although she never married, she found companionship and intellectual stimulation in her colleagues and friends.


Q: Did any of the Bennett sisters regret their marriages?

A: No, all the Bennett sisters were happy in their marriages and felt grateful for finding love and companionship.

Q: What happened to the Bennett family estate?

A: The family estate, Longbourn, was successfully managed by a trusted estate manager. It remained in the possession of the Bennett family and was passed down through future generations.

Q: Did the Bennett sisters maintain a close relationship with each other after getting married?

A: Yes, the Bennett sisters remained close and frequently visited each other. They cherished their sisterly bond and continued to support and uplift each other in their respective lives.

Q: Were the Bennett sisters involved in philanthropic activities?

A: Jane, Elizabeth, and Kitty were actively involved in philanthropic activities, contributing both financially and through volunteering. They believed in giving back to society and helping those less fortunate.

Q: What happened to Mr. Collins?

A: After Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s death, Mr. Collins remarried a widow and settled in a neighboring estate. He continued working as a clergyman, devoted to his religious duties.

You will receive a redemption code that you can apply to your Audible account. With each book priced at only $5, you can save a significant amount of money. Click 'Buy it now' to make your purchase.

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