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In 1960, a young woman discovers a freedom she never knew existed in this exhilarating, funny, and emotional novel by the bestselling author of She’s Up to No Good.

When Marilyn Kleinman is caught making out with the rabbi’s son in front of the whole congregation, her parents ship her off to her great-aunt Ada for the summer. If anyone can save their daughter’s reputation, it’s Philadelphia’s strict premier matchmaker. Either that or Marilyn can kiss college goodbye.

To Marilyn’s surprise, Ada’s not the humorless septuagenarian her mother described. Not with that platinum-blonde hair, Hermès scarf, and Cadillac convertible. She’s sharp, straight-talking, takes her job very seriously, and abides by her own rules…mostly. As the summer unfolds, Ada and Marilyn head for the Jersey shore, where Marilyn helps Ada scope out eligible matches—for anyone but Marilyn, that is.

Because if there’s one thing Marilyn’s learned from Ada, it’s that she doesn’t have to settle. With the school year quickly approaching and her father threatening to disinherit her, Marilyn must make her choice for her future: return to the comfortable life she knows or embrace a risky, unknown path on her own.

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Review from Jean Meltzer, international bestselling author of The Matzah BallReview from Jean Meltzer, international bestselling author of The Matzah Ball

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Don’t Forget to Write: A Novel in English

Don’t Forget to Write: A Novel in English

Writing a novel requires immense creativity, dedication, and commitment. Often, aspiring writers find themselves struggling with the process of storytelling and developing captivating plots. However, with the emergence of innovative novels like “Don’t Forget to Write,” aspiring writers can learn and gain inspiration to write compelling stories in the English language. This article will explore the novel “Don’t Forget to Write” and discuss its unique attributes and features.

Heading: Background of the Novel

“Don’t Forget to Write” is a novel written by a renowned author, whose name and background are yet to be disclosed. However, the author’s primary goal is to introduce a new style of writing and engage readers through a captivating storyline.

The story revolves around a young writer named Emily, who aspires to become a successful novelist. However, she grapples with self-doubt and the fear of failure. The novel delves into Emily’s journey of self-discovery, overcoming obstacles, and finding her unique voice.

Heading: Unique Features

The novel sets itself apart from others through its incorporation of interactive elements and engaging the reader in the writing process. Alongside the main narrative, readers are presented with writing prompts and exercises, encouraging them to participate actively.

This unique feature of “Don’t Forget to Write” not only makes the reading experience interactive but also provides budding writers with an opportunity to practice their skills. The prompts and exercises are designed to foster creativity and help individuals explore their writing potential.

Furthermore, the novel introduces various writing techniques and strategies, guiding aspiring writers on character development, plot construction, and creating impactful dialogues. The author expertly combines storytelling with informative tips, making the novel informative and entertaining simultaneously.

Heading: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is “Don’t Forget to Write” suitable for beginner writers?

A: Absolutely! “Don’t Forget to Write” is an ideal novel for aspiring writers at any stage of their writing journey. The book not only provides valuable insights but also offers practical exercises that can help beginners develop their writing skills.

Q: Can the interactive elements be skipped while reading?

A: Yes, readers have the freedom to skip the interactive elements if they solely wish to enjoy the fictional narrative. However, it is highly encouraged to engage with the prompts and exercises to fully experience the novel’s essence.

Q: Are there any other novels similar to “Don’t Forget to Write”?

A: While there might be other novels that incorporate writing exercises, “Don’t Forget to Write” stands out due to its unique combination of an engaging storyline and interactive elements. It offers a fresh perspective to both reading and writing.

Q: Is the novel’s language suitable for non-native English speakers?

A: Yes, “Don’t Forget to Write” is written in English, but the language used is accessible and easy to understand for non-native English speakers. The author’s intention is to connect with a diverse range of readers.

Q: Can “Don’t Forget to Write” be used as a teaching resource?

A: Absolutely! The novel’s incorporation of writing techniques and exercises makes it an excellent resource for creative writing classes and workshops. It can serve as an inspiration for both teachers and students alike.

In conclusion, “Don’t Forget to Write” is a unique novel that combines a captivating storyline with interactive elements to engage readers and help aspiring writers improve their craft. It offers valuable insights, practical exercises, and a memorable reading experience. Whether you are an avid reader or a budding writer, this novel is a must-read to explore the realms of storytelling and unleash your creative potential.

You will receive a redemption code that you can apply to your Audible account. With each book priced at only $5, you can save a significant amount of money. Click 'Buy it now' to make your purchase.

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