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#1 New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown returns with a fast-paced, emotional thriller where the lives of a young mother and a high-rolling consultant collide under devastating circumstances—culminating in a desperate manhunt that will change their futures forever.
At a Texas county fair, amidst carousels and a bustling midway, children’s book author Elle Portman is enjoying a rare night out with her favorite cowboy: her two-year-old son, Charlie. But just as they’re about to head home, the unthinkable happens: a shooter opens fire into the crowd, causing widespread panic to erupt all around them.

Also caught in the melee was corporate consultant Calder Hudson. Arrogant, self-centered, and high off his latest career win, he’s frustrated and confused when he wakes up in the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery on his arm.  The doctor tells him that he was lucky—that as far as gunshot wounds go, he pulled through remarkably well.  Others weren’t so lucky, which instills in Calder a furious determination to get justice . . . a goal shared by Elle.

Their chance encounter at the police station leads to a surprising and inexplicable gravitation to one another, but even as the attraction grows, Elle and Calder can’t help but wonder if the unimaginable tragedy that brought them together is too painful and too complicated to sustain—especially while the shooter remains at large.

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A Note from Sandra Brown

Out of Nowhere isn’t a story about death. It’s a story about survival.

The destinies of two strangers collide in an instant of unthinkable tragedy. If not for that unpredictable, inexplicable occurrence, it’s unlikely that Elle and Calder ever would have met. But because of a caprice of physics, their fates became intertwined.

I didn’t particularly want to write a story that begins with a mass shooting. In fact, it’s a subject I would ordinarily avoid. I, as I’m sure you do, as we all do, react to hearing of another shooting with dismay, repugnance, and abject sadness. Caught in a situation of such incomprehensible ruthlessness, I can’t even imagine the terror one experiences.

But, as storytellers are wont to do, I did. Imagine, that is.

I tried to imagine how one copes after surviving such a horrifying, traumatic event. How does one pick up where their life left off and attempt to rebuild it, reshape it into some form of normalcy, when pieces of it are now fractured or missing?

I confess that even as I was writing this story, I knew my words were inadequate to describe the rending of heart and spirit that Elle and Calder were suffering.

To anyone reading it who has come even close to an experience such as that of my characters, I apologize for presuming that I know what it’s like. I don’t. But I did my best, with as much authenticity and empathy as I could, to portray the struggle of staying afloat in the wake of a catastrophe.

In news reports, “another mass shooting,” has become such a familiar refrain, it’s far too easy to tune it out, to forget the name of that school, that town, that place of worship, that shopping mall or entertainment venue or office building where lives were lost and others shattered. We as a society, as individual human beings, must never become inured.

So, back to what motivated me to write this story? I suppose it was to honor the casualties. I rank the survivors among them.

Sandra Brown

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Out of Nowhere: A Phenomenon Defying Explanation

Out of Nowhere: A Phenomenon Defying Explanation


In the realm of paranormal occurrences, there are countless tales of unexplained phenomena that capture our imagination. One such phenomenon that continues to baffle both scientists and believers alike is the concept of “Out of Nowhere.” This article delves into this mysterious occurrence, discussing its unique characteristics, possible explanations, and the frequently asked questions surrounding it.

Understanding Out of Nowhere

“Out of Nowhere” refers to events or objects that seemingly appear without any apparent cause or explanation. These instances often lack a discernible origin and leave witnesses astounded and perplexed. From sudden apparitions to unexplained objects appearing out of thin air, the phenomenon intrigues paranormal researchers and skeptics alike.

Characteristics of Out of Nowhere

The phenomenon exhibits several distinct characteristics that set it apart from other paranormal occurrences. These include:

  1. Unexpectedness: Out of Nowhere events typically catch witnesses off guard, occurring suddenly and without any prior warning. They often defy the laws of physics and logic.
  2. Lack of explanation: The most defining characteristic of Out of Nowhere is the absence of a logical explanation for the appearance of the event or object. Scientists and researchers struggle to provide a rational account for these phenomena.
  3. Unpredictability: Out of Nowhere instances are notoriously unpredictable. They can take place anywhere, at any time, and involve various entities or objects. This unpredictability adds to their mystique.
  4. Transient nature: Out of Nowhere occurrences tend to be short-lived, appearing for only a brief moment before disappearing without a trace. Witnesses often struggle to capture evidence due to the ephemeral nature of these events.
  5. Subjectivity: Out of Nowhere experiences are subjective in nature, with witnesses reporting different sensations and interpretations. This subjectivity makes it challenging to form a cohesive understanding of the phenomenon.

Explanations and Theories

The lack of a concrete explanation for Out of Nowhere has led to numerous theories and speculations surrounding the phenomenon. Some of the most commonly explored explanations include:

Quantum Physics and Multiverse Theory

Quantum physics and the concept of a multiverse propose that there are multiple parallel universes existing simultaneously. These theories suggest that Out of Nowhere events could be the result of temporary interdimensional rifts or breaches, allowing objects or beings from other realms to manifest briefly in our world.

Time Travel and Temporal Anomalies

Another theory posits that Out of Nowhere occurrences may be linked to time travel and temporal anomalies. According to this idea, certain individuals or objects may unintentionally slip through time, briefly entering our present reality before returning to their original time period.

Psychic Projection and Collective Consciousness

Psychic projection and the notion of a collective consciousness suggest that strong emotions, thoughts, or desires can manifest as physical objects or apparitions. In this context, Out of Nowhere events could be influenced by intense collective emotions or the projection of an individual’s subconscious thoughts.

Parallel Dimensions and Invisible Entities

Parallel dimensions or alternate realities may house invisible entities or objects that occasionally cross over into our world. These entities or objects could exist in a different vibrational state, making them undetectable until they inexplicably materialize in our reality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are there any recorded historical instances of Out of Nowhere events?

A: Yes, there are several documented cases throughout history that describe Out of Nowhere phenomena. From ancient texts to modern eyewitness accounts, these occurrences have been a part of human experience for centuries.

Q: Can scientific methods effectively study Out of Nowhere?

A: While scientific methods strive to explain natural phenomena, Out of Nowhere poses unique challenges due to its inherently subjective and transient nature. Scientific investigation is limited when confronted with events that lack measurable and repeatable characteristics.

Q: Can Out of Nowhere events be replicated or summoned intentionally?

A: Efforts to replicate or summon Out of Nowhere events intentionally have been inconclusive thus far. The spontaneous and unpredictable nature of these phenomena makes deliberate reproduction difficult.

Q: Are Out of Nowhere occurrences dangerous?

A: While some witnesses report feelings of unease or fear during Out of Nowhere events, there is no substantial evidence to suggest inherent danger. However, caution should be exercised when encountering unexplained phenomena, as the true nature and intentions behind such events remain unknown.

Q: How do skeptics perceive Out of Nowhere?

A: Skeptics often approach Out of Nowhere phenomena with a rational mindset, seeking logical explanations for mysterious events. They tend to dismiss these occurrences as mere coincidences, tricks of perception, or fabrications.


Out of Nowhere remains an enigmatic and captivating phenomenon that continues to defy explanation. With its unexpectedness, lack of rational explanation, and transient nature, this occurrence challenges both scientific and paranormal communities. While theories attempt to shed light on the origins of Out of Nowhere, there is still much to unravel regarding this mysterious phenomenon that sweeps us away into a world of wonder and uncertainty.

You will receive a redemption code that you can apply to your Audible account. With each book priced at only $5, you can save a significant amount of money. Click 'Buy it now' to make your purchase.

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