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Interested in enjoying a great audiobook? You're not alone. According to the Association of American Publishers, sales of audiobooks increased more than 25 percent in 2007 and there are more choices than ever. Unfortunately, with more choices comes more confusion. Fortunately, we can help. In association with the three top-rated audiobook providers in the U.S. (Audible, Booksfree and Simply Audiobooks -- see press clippings at left ) we'll help you choose the best provider and plan that best fits your needs. In just a few minutes you'll be signed up and selecting your first audiobook from among thousands of best-selling titles from one of the top-rated providers! And don't forget to read our article about the top 7 reasons to "read with your ears," a look at the benefits that audiobooks offer over traditional reading.

Should I Purchase/Download or Rent Audiobooks?

Listen to AudiobooksIt really depends on your reading habits and budget. If you prefer to listen on a portable mp3 player, downloading is by far the most convenient approach. There's no waiting for mail deliveries or availability of popular titles, no scratched or dirty discs, and you can download audiobooks as often as you need. In addition, downloaded audiobooks are easier to manage on your computer and mp3 player/iPod and include chapter breaks and bookmarking capabilities. Finally, when you download a book, it's yours to keep. This is ideal for those who want to build their digital library and like to reread their favorites.

MailboxOn the other hand, if you're accustomed to Netflix, you already know how Audibook rentals work. You create a list of titles you want and the next available title is automatically shipped to you. When finished, you return it. No late fees and shipping is prepaid in both directions. Though you'll have to wait for the mail and, in some cases, availability of popular titles, you can enjoy audiobook CDs in your car or on any CD or mp3 player/iPod. If you rent books on CD, however, remember that a single book may require 8 or 9 CDs which will take time to rip onto your computer and then transfer to your mp3 player/iPod. (Some audiobooks are available on MP3-CDs which can hold much more than a standard audio CD, often an entire book.) While not as convenient as downloading, renting audiobooks can be more economical.

Recommendations at a Glance

The following table summarizes our recommendations for the top-rated audiobook provider that best fits your needs. For more detailed comparison of the three top audiobook providers, please consult How They Compare below.

If you want to...
We recommend...
DOWNLOAD Audiobooks

Get your first 3 months for $7.49/month

If your primary interest is in downloading audiobooks, Audible's massive library of 40,000 downloadable audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, podcasts is unrivaled. In addition, Audible's downloads play on virtually any mp3 player, including the Apple iPod and iTunes.

: $14.95/mo (includes 1 download credit); $22.95/mo (includes 2 credits); $9.95/year (no credits) Special Offer: Get your first 3 months for $7.49/month (Cancel anytime.)

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Audibook CDs & MP3-CDs
RENT Audiobook CDs

Simply Audiobooks

With a library of more than 22,000 audiobook CD titles, Simply Audiobooks has helped to pioneer the Netflix model in the world of audiobooks. Keep titles for as long as you'd like. No late fees and prepaid shipping in both directions.

: $17.98/mo (1 audiobook rental at a time) to $44.78/mo (4 at a time); (Cancel anytime.)

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Combo Plan
RENT Paperback Books and Audiobook CDs

Get 20% off your first month (Use code LC46)

If you're interested in renting both audiobooks and paperback books, Booksfree allows you to design your own combo plan to check out both audiobooks and paperback books, a great choice if you're a versatile reader. Booksfree has a library of 18,000 audiobook titles and a whopping 87,000 paperback titles.

$22.49/mo (1 audiobook rental at a time) to $42.49/mo (4 at a time); (Cancel anytime.)

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Choose from Thousands of Titles!

Choose from today's best sellers or yesteryear's classics. Need help? Get expert recommendations from Oprah's picks, the Today Show's picks, and get personalized recommendations based on your reading history.

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How They Compare

You won't go wrong with any of the top three audiobook providers. Each are well-established, provide excellent service and have enjoyed accolades from the media (see sidebar at left) and strong testimonials from their subscribers. But each provider offers something a bit different, so choose the one that best meets your needs. The following table provides some more detailed comparisons:

Simply Audiobooks
Special Offer FeatureGet your first 3 months for $7.49/mo (50% off) Get 20% off your first month (Use code LC46) FeatureNo special offers at present
Pricing Feature Gold: $14.95/mo (includes 1 download credit)

Platinum: $22.95/mo (includes 2 credits)

Or, membership at $9.95/year (no credits)
Feature$22.49/mo (1 audiobook rental at a time) to $42.49/mo (4 at a time) FeatureRental: $17.98/mo (1 audiobook rental at a time) to $44.78/mo (4 at a time)

: $14.95/mo (includes 1 download) to $27.95 (3 downloads)
Rent/Purchase Purchase (Download only) Rent CDs (or paperbacks) with option to purchase Rent CDs or Download (Purchase)
Audiobook Downloads? FeatureYes FeatureNo FeatureYes
Rent Paperbacks? FeatureNo FeatureYes FeatureNo
Audiobook Selection Feature40,000 downloadable audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, podcasts Feature18,000 audiobook CD titles (87,000 paperback titles) Feature6,000 downloadable audiobook Titles; 22,000 audiobook CD titles
Compatability Feature Works with hundreds of mp3 players, including iPod® and iTunes® and Amazon's Kindle Downloads not available. (CDs can be loaded onto iPod or other mp3 players.) FeatureDownloads not compatible with iPod or iTunes. (CDs can be loaded onto iPod or other mp3 players)
Audio Quality Feature Excellent Feature Excellent Feature Excellent
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Simply Audiobooks

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Enjoy Books in New Ways

AudiobooksListening to books is a complement to reading books, offering you opportunities to enjoy books where you couldn't before. Your mp3 player will hold dozens of books -- enjoy them during your commute, at the gym, in the air, or while out for a walk.

Listen to Your Books However You Please

Enjoy the flexibility of listening to your audiobooks however you wish. Listen on your MP3 player today, on your computer tomorrow, and on your stereo's CD-player on the weekend. It's up to you.

Rediscover the Joy of Reading Books

AudiobooksIf you want to read more but just can't find the time, audiobooks offer a new way to enjoy books easily and efficiently. If you're new to audiobooks, we invite you to try this wonderful way of enjoying books. You can always cancel your membership without penalty.

Start Enjoying the Books You Love

Simply Audiobooks

"While the music industry has struggled with how to work with the Internet... Audible has been using digital downloading to reach new audiences and to deliver the wares of the audio book industry more efficiently and less expensively."

New York Times
October 2003

"Instead of trying to cram a visit to the library into your already crowded day, with, you can get the books to come to you. Think of it as a literary Netflix..."

July 2005

"...[Simply Audiobooks] sends customers as many books as they can hear every month for a low, flat fee. That is a great idea."

USA Today
May 2005

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